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On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 10:50 AM Peter Korasie wrote
Subject: Amazing!!!

Hi Gordon

I must firstly thank you for sharing this amazing advice with the world. After being diagnosed in 2012 I have been scouring the internet for natural cures for diabetes T2 and have spent thousands of Rands (I'm a South African) on natural supplements and herbs, but never could get my numbers under 6.8mmol. After reading your website, my numbers measured 5.5mmol after my first session of 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer!!!

I have been on and off the different lifestyle plans (Paleo, Atkins, Vegetarian, etc.) and I must admit that I have pretty much given up hope on finding a cure for this dreaded disease. A persistent headache forced me to visit the Doctor in April 2015 where my blood sugar measured 12mmol. I was given a prescription for Glucophage which I took for a few days but I decided to stop taking it and changed to Berberine Hcl,.. with no big changes in my blood sugar numbers. My numbers stayed above 8mmol. Then I came across your website in October 2015 and everything changed.

I walked a similar path to yours where I also read about Professor Taylor's successes with the Newcastle diet. I have lost a massive amount of weight (from 83 kg down to 64 kg) on this diet and am struggling to put weight back on. Perhaps you could help me with some advice here on how to regain some of the weight that I have lost. I am 1.72m tall.

I have tried to buy your e-book "Reverse Diabetes" on Amazon but unfortunately it is only for sale for UK customers. Is there any other way in which I can get hold of your e-book?

My numbers are now consistently under 6mmol and even on busy days where I cannot fit walking or any exercise into my day, my numbers will read between 5.3mmol and 5.9mmol.

Once again... THANK YOU GORDON for all your hard work and for your selflessness!!! You are THE MAN!!!


Cape Town
South Africa

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 10:43 PM, Gordon wrote:

Hi Peter,

Well done for not giving up and believing that someone can cure this terrible disease!

To regain weight do this. Find some fatty low carb foods that you like. Some choices are...

Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Brazil nuts and nut butter
My bread + full fat butter (very very good).

Here is my latest recipe

2lb loaf. EASY to make.

Whey protein 50 grams
Rice Protein 70 grams
Baking Powder 28 grams
Psyllium Husk 72 grams
Linseeds 100 grams
Pumpkin seeds 100 grams
Whole Sesame seeds 52 grams
Sunflower seeds 52 grams
Olive Oil 40 grams
Water 640 grams.

You need a Kitchen mixer with a mixing attachment that gets to the bottom of the mixing bowl and a NutriBullet to grind the seeds. And an oven.

We are going to have upgraded low carb Pizza and Quiche recipes soon.

Bake for 60 minutes at 205 degrees fan assisted, middle shelf.

And add them to each meal. Then walk a but further if necessary. 

I will get you the book somehow.

I will put your letter on my site - thanks for letting me know how well my advice went. I despair of the dangers of ultra low calorie diets for non obese people..

All the best


On Tuesday, November 12, 2015 08:55 AM Peter Korasie wrote

Hi Gordon

Thanks for replying so quickly and for the great advice. I have already made your Wheat Protein/Gluten & Baking Powder Seed Bread and Really High Rise Wheat Protein/Gluten & Rice Protein Baking Powder Seed Bread which both came out great. Fortunately we moved over to healthy fats (real butter, coconut & olive oils, avocados) in 2012 and these go well with your breads. 

Thanks for your latest recipe, it will certainly help me as my wife enjoys your breads as much as I do. She even takes your Brownies to work.

I have added some salt (Himalayan) to your bread recipe, I hope that's ok. I am thinking of adding "Bulletproof Coffee" to my regiment. What are your thoughts about "Bulletproof Coffee"?

Thanks again.


On Wednesday, July 08, 2015 4:10 PM Gary Moore wrote
Subject: website

Hello Gordon,

I wanted to thank you for helping me reverse my diabetes. Ever year I get a physical in October (cancer history) last October my doctor said I was pre-diabetic. First I thought he had made a mistake diabetes happen to older people who are obese and my definition of older is anyone who is 15 years older then me. He (my doctor) advised me to cut back on sweets and exercise more. I didn't eat sweets I had one teaspoon of sugar in my one cup of coffee each morning and I've been going to the gym ever morning for 40 years. After 30 days I was to come back for another A1c and the results was 7.1 That's when I took this serious. I googled reverse diabetes and found the Dr. Taylors Newcastle Plan and reading the review I found your comments. We are about the same age, weight and I was at the time a technical trader for a hedge fund worked with numbers so I could relate to a math professor. I followed your protocol from the 1st of Dec until the 15th of Jan 2005 A1c 5.5 and my last A1c April 15 was 5.2 Now my routine is 30 minutes power walk in the morning and either 30 minutes resistance training in the afternoon or 15 minutes HIIT.(TABATA) I Keep my carbs below 100 usually around 50. I also follow Dr. Fuhrman's suggestion because of high LDL and Blood sugar but with exercise and proper diet all have been resolved. I'm building a website for business but if you don't mind I'm going to put a link to your site. In retrospect statins and sad (Standard American Diet) setting looking at a computer screen contributed to my disease and being completely unaware it could happen to me.

best regards 

Gary Moore

On Wednesday July 08 5:20 pm Gordon wrote
Hi Gary,

Glad I could help and thanks for letting me know how it worked for you.

HbA1c of 7.1 is full on diabetic (although only mildly diabetic). You were wise to go to the doctor and fortunate that you got this early. So glad that I was able to debunk the Newcastle myth that starving yourself (if you are not obese) is any use in fighting diabetes.

Reversal is not about calorie restriction it is about carb restriction. You have done it. You have reversed it just in time before it did any significant damage. 

So at present you do 30 minutes of power walk and 30 mins of resistance training or 15 mins HIIT every day on 100 carb grams and your sugar is normal. That is my definition of fully cured. 

I would like to know if in 3 months time you can get away with a bit less exercise. The research that now interests me is no longer how to reverse diabetes - I can do that - It is how long it takes to return insulin resistance to normal and to return beta cell function to normal after reversal. It seems to be very closely related to how long you were diabetic before you started reversing the disease.

Keep it up and believe me you have avoided a world of pain.

All the best


P.S. The psychological stress of Hedge fund trading could have pushed you towards diabetes but the exercise in the morning will have staved it off. Thanks for the link.


On Thursday June18, 2015 10:49 am Fran Bishop wrote

Age: 66 years 
Married with two married children and five grandchildren of five and under living locally
Diagnosed: November 2008 with HbA1c of 14.6
Medical problems: on medication for under active thyroid, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, take HRT, get attacks of IBS and have arthritic knees and some back problems Weight: 83kg (BMI 28.6) at beginning of programme. 78kg after 3 weeks. On Gliclazide initially (low dose) which I gradually came off over a period of 6 months and controlled sugar levels by regulating carbohydrate intake. This was fine for 5 years. Back on Gliclazide in November 2013 taking 40mg morning and evening. Operation on foot September 2014 (not diabetes connected) blood sugars increased. January 2015 medication increased. (HbA1c 61mmols/mol = 7.7%) Asked to take Metformin which had a diabolical effect so refused to take it and had Gliclazide increased to 80mg morning and 40mg evening which was increased again in February to 80mg morning and evening. In May HbA1c 66mmols/mol = 8.2%, so prescribed another 80mg a day. No thank you! Found your website and decided to try it very unfit though I was.

Started very low carb and exercise regime on 27th May and took last Gliclazide pill the following day when I also started taking recommended supplements. Started recording results a few days later. Have not eaten anything not recommended except the occasional apple as part of a salad due to fact I am a very picky eater. Use a recumbent exercise bike because of knees and back. June results show changes to exercise time to get under 6.0, followed by keeping to same time, followed by trying to get down to 4.? to put some extra in the bank following conversation with Gordon. It’s a bit difficult to cut meal times down to twice a day in order to try to cut exercise time due to family commitments (am also carer for mentally ill brother and help out my 92 year old mother). 

Here are her results for June...

Date Fasting Sugar After
Breakfast Minutes
Sugar After Lunch Minutes Sugar After Dinner Minutes Sugar Befroe bed Minutes Sugar
June1 6.0 40 4.6 40 5.3 30 5.1 30 4.8
June2 5.9 50 5.5 40 5.3 40 5.2 30 4.9
June3 8.5 40 5.4 50 5.4 40 5.6 30 4.4
June4 5.4 30 5.7 30 4.8 30 5.6 30 4.8
June5 5.1 30 4.6 30@1  5.4 30 4.5 30 4.6
June6 5.4 30 4.6 30 4.7 30 5.6 30 4.2
June7 5.4 30 4.4 90 5.3 30 5.2 30 4.6
June8 6.7 30 5.2 30@2 6.7     50 4.6
June9 5.8 30 4.9 30 5.6 30 4.4 30 4.3
June10 6.3 30 4.9 30 5.9 30 5.8 30 5.3
June11 5.5 30 5.0 30 5.8 30 6.2 30 5.2
June12 6.2 30 4.6 30 7.8 30 5.5 30 5.9
June13 5.9 30 5.1 30 7.0 30 5.7 40 4.9
June14 6.4 30 5.4 40 6.0 30 5.7 30 5.2
June15 6.3 40 6.4 70 5.4     45 5.5
June16 5.8 80 5.3 50 5.8 40no  4.7 55 4.9
June17 6.0 90 4.9 45 5.1     60 6.4
June18 6.5 45 7.5 30 5.2 30 5.1 30 4.8
June19 6.4 30 6.2 30 6.2 30 6.0 30 5.6
June20 6.4 30 5.7 30 5.2 30 5.9 30 4.9
June21 6.7 30 5.8 30 6.9 30 5.2 30 5.3
June22 6.7 30 5.5 30 7.8     40 5.3
June23 6.7 30 5.8 30 5.2 30 5.8 30 5.6
June24 6.4 30 5.5 30 6.0     30 5.5
June25 6.1 30 5.9 30 5.8     40 6.6
June26 5.6 30 5.2 30 6.4 30 6.7 30 5.0
June27 5.5 30 5.2 30 5.6 30 5.0 30 5.0
June28 5.3 30 4.9 30 6.0 30 5.3 30 4.6
June29 5.4 30 5.0 30 5.9 30 5.2 30 5.2
June30 5.4 30 5.5 30 6.0 30 5.9 30 5.1
July1 5.7 30 5.6 30 5.7 30 5.5 30 5.2
July2 6.2 30 5.4 30 6.2 30 6.2 30 4.3
July3 6.0 30 6.2 30 5.9 30 5.4 30 5.3
July4 5.8 30 5.8 30 5.4     30 5.5
July5 5.6 30 5.0 30 6.3 30 5.5 30 5.3
July6 5.8 30 5.3 30 6.2     30 5.0
July7 5.8 30 5.4 30 6.2 30 4.8 30 5.4
July8 5.2 30 5.6 30 6.1 30 5.9 30 5.9
July9 5.5 30 5.7 30 6.9 30 6.0 30 5.0
July10 5.5 30 5.3 30 5.4 30 5.3 30 5.3
July11 5.8 30 4.9 30 4.9 30 5.4 30 5.5
July12 6.0 30 6.0 30 6.9 30 5.9 30 5.4
July13 5.6 30 6.9 30 6.0     30 4.6
July14 4.9 30 4.4 30 5.3 30 4.7 30 3.6
July15 5.0 30 5.4 30 4.6     30 3.4
July16 5.0 30 4.9 30 4.7 30 4.2 30 4.6
July17 4.6 30 4.2 30 5.3 30 4.7 20 4.7
July18 4.8 30 4.8 30 5.3 30 6.0 30 4.2
July19 4.9 30 4.7 30 6.3 30 4.3 25 4.3
July20 4.8 30 4.3 30 5.8     30 4.3
July21 5.2 30 4.8 30 5.5 30 4.4 25 4.1
July22 5.1 30 4.8 0 5.8@2 30 4.3 30 4.9
July24 5.4 30 4.7 30 6.1 30 4.7 30 4.3
July25 5.0 30   23   30 4.8 30  
July26 5.1 30   30   30 4.4 30  

@1 is 1 hour after the meal. @2 is 2 hours after the meal. 'no' is no meal.

Initially her sugar was fantastic because she went straight onto a very low carb diet and a lot of spin bike exercise whilst a fair amount of Gliclazide was still in her system. The half life of Gliclazide is around 11 hours. Mind you having taken it for 2 years previously perhaps it took 10 days or so before the effect of the drug on her metabolism fully wore off. You can plainly see from the table that 2 hours of exercise per day and a very low carb diet gets your fasting sugar to a non diabetic level (less than 5.8 mmol/L) very quickly. She started on May27th and got there on June4 (in one week!) and held it until June8 at which point presumably the Gliclazide effect had worn off. So then she tried working a bit harder but we both decided that was stressing her body out too much. So we agreed to go back to 30:30:30:30 on June18 and just keep at it until her body healed. Then by June26, her body had started to win, she had got her fasting sugar down to a non diabetic level and it remained there for the rest of the month without any drugs!

Then in July we see her body recovering further with fantastic sugar numbers, many below 5.0 mmol/L (90 mg/dl) at bedtime and in the morning. 

So there it is for all to see. 

That is a fantastic achievement for someone who has been diabetic for 7 years. It shows how much more powerful diet and exercise is than Sulphonylureas such as Gliclazide. If she keeps this up throughout July then her Hba1c at the end of July would be  around 5.2% which is totally non diabetic and way better than the 8.2% it was in May. So Fran has showed us all that there is no contest. Very low carb diet and exercise is way more powerful than Sulphonylurea drugs.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 5:37 PM Fran Bishop wrote

Good Evening, Gordon!

Well, after a false start, i.e. after the lab refused to test my blood sample saying it was too soon, I've tried again. This time with success. My latest HbA1c is 5.8/40!!! Needless to say I am very pleased with that and I won't get another done until January when I get back from Australia. Spot checks have been interesting with the bedtime one usually in the mid to low 4s and the fasting one more likely to be in the low 5s.

Am looking forward to my holiday (l'm away for a month) as life is hectic and will be more so once my daughter returns to work in March after her maternity leave so this will be a good chance to recharge my batteries. Haven’t had much time to develop recipes but will keep trying.

Hope you are well and continuing to win the reversal fight.

Best wishes,

On Tuesday April14, 2015 11:39 am Shujaat Ali Mohammad wrote

Subject: Please read, respond , Type 2 Diabetes.

Dear Sir Gordon,

Your website is amazing , I have been looking for a place to get help from. Finally I think I have come across a place I badly needed. You are doing a wonderful job and helping humanity.

About me , I am 38 male, married, working in middle east , Diabetic since 11 year (Aug 2004). Initially was diagnosed with High Sugar 515 with HBA1c of + 12, while I was in normal weight range. Was put on insulin for a month and later changed to tablets. I was then able to control my diabetes for 2 to 3 year without medicine, then again on Diamicron MR (Glicalizied) . Then as the Diabetes was in in progression my tablets increased to total of 8. 3x 750 mg (Gulocopage/metrofin ), 3 x 30 mg Damicron , 1 for Cholesterol and 1 Hypertension tablet (Olmetec, Olmestron). The doctor told me that it is better that you go on insulin , at this time my HBA1C was about 9 . I decided to increase the amount of walk & Vegetables in my diet. This reduced my weight and helped me to control my diabetes and reduce the amount of tablets. I was never overweight

I was trying to find a cure, came across the new castle program (Professor Roy Taylor), I bought the shakes . Unfortunately at the first week I started to feel slight pain in my kidneys area. So Immediately stopped it. I again closely kept myself with restricted diet . was able to get HBA1C to 6.3. This further reduced my weight. 

After the New Castle program which could not work for me. Almost 4 months back , I thought I should stop eating Bread, Rice etc and just stay with vegetables. But few days later again felt the same pain in my kidneys area. The serum creatine (kidney function test) was slightly high as 1.3. So I then again started some bread with diet and walk. But was unable to find a better way to cure, reverse or put the diabetes in remission .

Finally I came across your website which was almost 1 month ago. I now almost every day read this website and trying to slowly adopt my body to it. Currently I have reduced my whole wheat intake to 80 Grams. For diabetes I currently take 1 X 750 MG Gulocopage(Metrofin) and half diamicron (Gliclizied ).From this Thursday I plan to stop the bread and the diabetes medicine completely. I have been also been running after the Sukrin guys if they can get me the bread here but have no info as their dealer is running out of stock. 

My diet plan will be as below from this Thursday 16 April , 2015

No Diabetes medicine. While will be checking the blood sugar at home with glucose meter (fasting/random)

Will keep the Carb intake 40 to 50 Gram and calories 1200 to 1400.

Breakfast :

5 minutes Exercise on fasting
2 Large Eggs complete(Yolk and white)
Whites of 2 further large Eggs
Onion 40 Gram.
Approximately 2 Tea Spoon Olive oil
Cucumber and lettuce (Raw) about 100 Gram.
Cooked/boiled in water (Tomato, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Zucchini)(Mixed about 150 Gram) 
1 Black Tea
20 Gram Walnuts.(I think it provides Omega 3)
10 Gram Almond

After the above .
A walk of 45 minutes.

Lunch while in office 
250 Gram (Lettuce & Cucumber)
Cinnamon 1 Tea spoon.
About 15 Gram Walnuts.
1 Green Tea
If possible a walk of 15 to 20 minutes around the block

300 Gram of Diaken Radish . slightly bitter one.
1 Onion average size.
1 Tomato.
1 Table spoon Olive oil
Cooked Vegetables 400 Gram any of these ( Bitter gourd, Spanish, Okra, etc )
Garlic, Ginger almost 20 Gram (almost Raw), in small /little pieces . I have heared that these 2 (Ginger,Garlic ) are good for cholesterol & Hypertension control.
Meat(Goat) or fish or Chicken legs/Thigh
Black Tea.

45 Minutes walk.

I would highly appreciate if you could give me your valuable advise on the following:

Is there anything significant I am missing in the above diet plan?
Can I add 50 to 100 Gram full Fat yogurt ( made out of cow’s milk) to the above diet plan?
Is it really necessary to add a separate Omega 3 or other supplement in to my above plan? Fish oil may not be available in the market as I have checked several stores. I am searching for the Pills.

Can I just add Vitamin D3 supplements or better to check first If whether I am deficient or not?

Can I add little fruit i.e Guava, orange, straw berries etc to the above while my intention is to reverse diabetes.

In local market only breaded Salmon fish is available. However other types of wild/sea fish are available, but I do know their nutrition facts. What do you think. shall I proceed with breaded salmon or the sea fish?

I found Magnesium citrate (which needs to be put in glass of water and then served). Shall I add it to my plan?

Is there any place where I can visually see the best exercise technique I should do at home for cardiovascular and diabetes reversal?

What Should I especially take into consideration so the cholesterol & Blood pressure do not go high as now I have added eggs and meat to my diet. 

Is it okay if I do side walking instead of treadmill?


Shujaat Ali Muhammed

On Tuesday April14,  2015 at 8:49 pm Gordon wrote:

Hello Shujaat,

You have already done really really well. Your diabetes was in bad progression when you had an HbA1c of 9.0 and were on 3x 750 mg Metofrmin and 3x 30mg Damicron.

Now at 6.3 you have stopped the disease progressing and proven that diet and exercise are way better and more effective than drugs.

The Optifast Newcastle diet formula causes kidney stones in many people. Please do not do any more of that.

Your new April 2015 diet and exercise plan is excellent. BUT I would not give up the Metformin yet. Stay on one tablet of Metformin but stip the diamicron.

Here are my suggestions to improve your regime still further...

1. No Cauliflower. Eat Broccoli or Kale or Spinach or Swiss Crad or Chinese Bok Choi instead

2. Try and eat more raw vegetables. They are better than cooked vegetables. But a NutriBullet or other fast blender to mash them up into a Smoothie.

3. 50-100 ml full fat yoghurt is fine! Greek Yoghurt or plain Yoghurt - not fruity yoghurt.

4. Just take 4,000-5,000 IU Vitamin D3. Also take 50 micrograms of Vitamin K.

5. Take Omega3 EPA/DHA 4 grams per day.

6. Magnesium citrate is good, please take that.

7. No fruit at all until HbA1c is below 5.5. Then 60 grams maximum of BERRIES. Take Vitamin C 500 mg.

8. Breaded Salmon is OK and seafish is OK. 

9. A treadmill is much better than a sidewalk. Get access to a treadmill as much as you can. It makes a huge difference.

Walk at a brisk pace - go as fast as you can comfortably go. Do not stroll like its Sunday. Walk like you are late for a train!!!

The faster you walk the more carbohydrate you burn. Do not jog though that releases adrenaline which puts sugar up. So a brisk brisk walk.


On Tuesday April14,  2015 at 8:54 pm Gordon wrote:

Dear Shujaat,

Get someone who can bake to make my low carb bread from this recipe...


You must make some Low Carb Bread so that your life can be normal!


On Wednesday April15,  2015 at 8:07 am Shujaat Ali Muhammed wrote:

Dear Gordon,

Many Thanks for your informative and supportive response.

Yesterday night I purchased Omega 3 pills and will get other supplements of vitamin (D3, K and C) as you have advised. I will try to get a treadmill , just recently (a couple of month before removed the one I had) as we (self& family) were planning to relocate, which is delayed for some reasons.

Is there any visually video somewhere i.e on YouTube etc , where the muscles exercise is shown that would help in developing my glycogen (batteries). I do some pushups and some others exercise on fasting.

Many thanks for the bread advise. Will try to get one as without the bread it would be difficult.

Shujaat Ali Muhammed

On Wednesday June17,  2015 at 7:24 am Shujaat Ali Muhammed wrote:

Dear Sir Gordon

I have been now for almost 2 months on low carb diet . My last week results were amazing . Better control of Lapid, HBA1C is 5, Kidneys are doing well (serum creatine is 1.0). I have been type 2 diabetic for nearly 11 years , I had reached to the point where I used to take plenty of medications. Since 2 months I take only supplements (Vitamin k2, D3,Magnisium, Calcium, Vitamin C & Omega 3) and no diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure medicine . Have joined GYM since last 3 weeks. 

A couple of weeks before I increased my carb intake , included a small fruit (Apricot or apple) and almond homemade bread and beans, this was to reduce the extreme thirst & get better energy during workout to get some muscles. 

Planning to start protein shake from next week onwards to help me build muscles.

It is expected that the Muslims will start observing fast (Ramadan) from tomorrow for one month period though it is permissible for ill people to not fast but many of us would like to fast . The fast means no drink that includes water and no food . I am not sure what to do . I have option to go start eating the bread and rice which I have not been eating now for months and start take diabetes medication . This way my carb intake will increase and the thirst may go away but I will have to start the diabetes medication to control sugar level.

The fast period is about 15 hours daily (predawn to sunset) for one month.

Any idea what to do? Anything that I can include in my diet to reduce the thirst . 

Thank you


Kind Regards,
Shujaat Ali Mohammad

On Wednesday June17,  2015 at 12:50 pm Gordon wrote:

Hi Shujat,

Thanks for the email. God is very practical and loves you and I doubt whether he wants you to become diabetic once more. You have done brilliantly to get off the drugs and get your HbA1c down to 5 - well done!

Please do not start eating bread and rice or taking diabetic drugs. That would be a disaster.

The thing to do is to fast as your worship of Gdo requires but keep to the diabetic diet. So change your sleeping and eating routine in time terms but not in food terms.

Go to 2 meals per night instead of 3 meals per day and go to bed around 3 am or 4 am after having eaten the two meals. East the same food that your normally eat outside of Ramadan but shift your biological clock so that you eat and drink after dark. 

No bread, no rice, no meds. God gave you your body to look after it, not to damage it or abuse it or poison it. Just drink a lot of water at night after sunset. Can you go to the gym after sunset?


On Wednesday January 14 at 5:40 pm, Mark Quade wrote:


I very much enjoyed your website and the dedication you have put into getting the word out that Type II is not only treatable but more to the point reversible.

I have been a diabetic or pre diabetic since 1996. And since that time I have barely been able to control my sugar levels and my HC1A keeps climbing.

After viewing your website I decide to give it a whirl , what did I really have to lose by just trying some of your posted methods.

My fasting mmol/L is usually in the 12 to 14’s, just by following the low carb diet for a few days I have driven my mmol/L fasting down to 8.8s (whoo hooo).

My goal now is to add the exercise and Magnesium and Cinnamon. For the exercise I am plagued by planter fasciitis and I try and make do with my spin bike for the cardio vascular burn .

So I have two questions, 1st have you come up with a heart rate percentage of max 220 – age = x that puts you into a glucose burn or should the model be used that you do a medium intensity walk / spin until your sugars get into the 5.5 target mark? And 2nd what is the best way to take the cinnamon? As a tea with normal boiled water or do you have a recipe or concoction you prefer?

Anyway, I have about 35lbs to lose to get my BMI into the 24s. I am 55 years old, 6’ 4”, 240 lbs. My life has been sedate and I am going to change that hopefully with two daily medium walks/spins (morn/eve).

Thank you again for your site,

Mark Quade
001- 902-XXX-XXXX

On Wednesday January 14 at 9:30 pm, Gordon wrote:

Hi Mark,

That is very exciting.

You had it really badly. Fasting sugar of 12-14 for a long time perhaps 18 years is a tough nut to crack.

But you have made an execellent start with the low carb.

My latest understanding is NOT to go on a crash diet. Because severe calorie restriction eats away at your muscles and diabetics find it very hard to put muscle mass back on. So do not worry about getting your BMI down too 24 quickly. I would aim to get it down to 26 slowly - whilst keeping my muscles. So 1500 kcal per day not 600.

I should have a corresponding heart rate to the 50% Max V02 burn - but I do not. Its just on the borderline of having to breath through the mouth rather than the nose. Its about the amount of oxygen your breath because carbs are burnt aerobically.

WOW found an online bpm to Vo2max % calculator!!!


Unblievable! Just type in your age 55 and the answer appears to be 117 bpm for 50% VO2 max !!!

I am 57 which gives the same answer. I will make up a table of age verses bpm for 50% VO2 max and put it on the site.

Please do either a walk down or a cycle down at 117 bpm and see how long it takes to get from 8.8 to 5.0 (measure after 30 minutes and then lets see how linear the progression is). Do let me know the results.

Vitamin D3 5000 IU is the most important supplement along with 4 grams of fish based Omega3 

Then 400mg Chromium Citrate.

The Cinnamon tea should be drunk before or at the start of the exercise to keep you hydrated. I just put a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup then add a tiny bit of milk then boiling water and stir vigorously for 30 seconds.

The D3 and the Omega3 really help. The Magnesium helped a bit at first (perhaps I was deficient). Likewise the Cinnamon helped me at first but doesn't help much today. It may depend where you are in the cure.

I will go and do the BPM table now - maybe strap on my BPM monitor (I have never done that!)

All the best

On Thursday January 15 at 1:07 pm, Mark Quade wrote:

Morning Gordon,

Thank you very much for replying.

I should clear up some misconceptions, I have only been 12-14 mmol/L for the past two years and my diet has only been reduced to ~ 1500kcal. What has really triggered this is that I am one prescribe drug away from having to take insulin and I really don’t want to do that but my fear is that the meds prescribe are burning up my ability to produce insulin. I have no doubt I am insulin resistant. 

I still work so the exercise regime will not fit into my current life style, but I have been trying to change my daily schedule so that I can complete 30mins of exercise before my get ready for work routine and breakfast.

For me cutting the carbs down really crashed the glucose mmol/L. I will keep you posted and will of course keep posted on progress and will even supply you with my training regime / record keeping of levels and supplements used.

I am having a hard time sourcing / locating Chromium Citrate, is Chromium Picolinate a good substitute?

Find attached a my tracking record I will be using feel free to use it and supply any other pertinent info I should be tracking.

My Average daily caloric intake is based off of the menu attached, but what it doesn’t show is the quarter 1/8th portion of the low carb bread I eat daily which adds another 200 calories.

It is definitely a lifestyle change, luckily I have a girlfriend who not only supports me in this but also wants to live healthier.

Thank you for your time and wonderful site,


On Wednesday January 21 at 6:09 am, Gordon wrote:

Hi Mark,

Have you managed to do a big walk down or a big cycle down despite the Fasciitis.

Try and do something after breakfast and something after dinner and miss lunch (that's my routine when I am working)


P.S. Chromium Picolinate is as good as the citrate according to some.

Take 5,000 IU of Vitmain D3 and 150 micrograms of K2 (MK7). That does help quite a bit in regulating sugar between meals and dealing with glucose spikes. The new RDI for D3 is 4000 IU (in Europe). And D3 needs K2 to work properly. 


On Wednesday January 21 at 12:04 pm, Mark Quade wrote:


So far my spin bike routines are knocking down my sugars effectively. Jan 19 post exercise sugars were 9.5 from 16.7, my next day morning fasting sugar was 8.8; Jan 20 post exercise sugars were 6.3 from 11.8 and my next day waking fasting sugar was 7.8. So I see the benefit of exercising I really do. But in between meals I am famished to the point of nausea and I am unsure how to alleviate this. I am going to be soon adding a morning routine of 20 mins on the spin bike. The high exercise sugars pre workout are from not exercising immediately after eating and a wee bit of cheating. I have to curb that I know… I find myself extremely famished in between meals. Incidentally, I am gaining weight… have gone up 4lbs since going to a low carb intake diet.

I am tracking all my information and I am trying to get into a daily eating regime were breakfast and lunch are the same each and every day, suppers will be different only in the protein eaten (chicken breast / thighs, pork tenderloin, salmon, haddock and beef). Suppers always have 1 ½ cups of vegetables and no white carbs.

I just got my 5000iu Vitamin D3 (NOW). I am trying to get my Omega3 intake up, at the moment my intake is only 1250g (NutraSea). I am taking 1 tsp Cinnamon Verum Zylanicum every morning, 500mg Vitamin C, 250mg of Magnesium Citrate.

My concern at the moment is the sugar spikes. For diabetes meds I am on 2500mg Metformin and 120 mg Glicazide. I am seeing a trend in my control or better put lack of control. My body isn’t very good at 1.) Controlling sugar spikes; 2.) it cannot deal with white refined carbs and carbs in general; and 3.) My carb intake has been way too high.

As you said the process is in many ways multi-faceted. Exercise is the key to unlocking and reversing the high levels and secondly is the diet. 

Last night I purged my kitchen freezer of all processed foods and will do the same for my large freezer tonight, additionally I will be clearing the pantry of processed high carb foods.

You have been an inspiration, to see my sugars below ten morning fasting is awesome and really motivates me to doing better and getting diagnosed as being “ clinically cured “ of Type II Diabetes. I realize I will probably always be susceptible to insulin resistance either due to genetic or environmental factors, but certainly, education, effort and awareness are keys to being successful and staying healthy.

I will be honest with you, I have had a very sedentary lifestyle and that has contributed to my Type II Diabetic condition. I will be adding HIT to my daily routine but need to ease into it, my heart rate after 25 mins of exercising last night peak at 151 around the 20min mark and declined to around 142 at 25 mins, this puts me in the 89%, probably a little too high and out of the targeted fat burning level, but burned roughly 524 calories.

Don’t want to bombard you, but I will keep you posted.


On Wednesday January 21 at 10:13 am, Gordon wrote:

Hi Mark,

Yes you have a job on your hands. 151 is too high. At our age it should be nearer the 120 mark. Go easier on the bike but for longer.

Getting down to 6.3 was fantastic from 11.8. That shows us the power of the exercise. But I think your intensity is too high. That is your call. 

Forget about HIIT for now. Get the sugar right first. Your pancreas has taken a right pounding. It needs a chance to heal. It will not heal until you get post exercise sugar down to 5. 

You can easily do that. Just keep at it and little bit more slowly but RELENTLESSLY until you reach 5. If you are knackered then stop for 3 minutes and start again.

I initially found it quite difficult to stop snacking. Get some Pecan nuts as a temporary measure. They do not put up sugar much. In the end you will grow to hate carbs because they are killing you. 

Yes veggies veggies no starch. Don't forget 150 micrograms of K2 as well which apparently help the body to 'direct' the D3. This will help with spikes.

Don't worry about bombarding me. Bombard the spin bike. Be careful with fungal infection of the groin. Keep the skin dry after exercise. Use some antifungal powder. Do not take long wet warm showers. Fungi love water and love sugar even more.

I want to know when your exercise gets down to a figure starting with a 5. That is the minute you begin your full reversal. That's when you break out the very dry champagne!!

Once we get you there you slowly begin to titrate off the drugs. I mean speak to your doctor but I would come off the glicazide first. That squeezes the pancreas for insulin and shortens its beta cell life (I understand from a US medical doctor I am treating - who knows that drugs will not cure him!). 

Would it help if I had a blog/forum thing on the site for you to post your progress to?


On Friday January 23 at 11:59 am, Mark Quade wrote:

Morning Gordon,

I thought I would share a success that I contribute to you and your site:

Fasting sugar the next morning was 6.8 mmol/L. The reading of 4.8 mmol/L was taken after only 30 mins of spin bike activity, unfortunately my HRM was reading incorrectly because it only read 93 bbm.

The success won’t go to my head, I will continue on the regime I am on, just waiting for all my supplements to arrive and then I can document what is actually effective as I run out, but I think I will maintain the high D3 dosage, K2 and the omega3 until I am clinically undiagnosed and I come off my cholesterol meds. Did you read the study on statin based drugs? There may be a correlation that taking them puts you at a higher risk to contract or develop Typ2 II Diabetes and I guess the conclusion can be drawn that maybe they worsen the condition. That is part of my overall health goal. Get off statin based drugs. The only concern I have is the high fat intake.

Been tracking my mmol/L in a spread sheet, blue is fasting sugars, red is post two hrs from breakfast and green is post exercise.

I found a link to convert from mg/dl to mmol/L either way at http://www.diabetes.co.uk/blood-sugar-converter.html it might be a useful link for you for the international visitors to your site.

I am excited and stoked to say the least that I am getting my sugars in control and am looking forward to continuing to share this so that others may get control and have control of their diabetes.

Weight is coming off as well, down 3.8 lbs.


On Friday January 23 at 18:21, Gordon wrote:

Hi Mark,

Those are unbelievable figures. I will post them all to the testimonial page. You have truly nailed it. Please keep the figures and graphs going. You could help so many people. I have no experience of spin bikes - I am a treadmill man.

Are you telling me that 30 mins on a spin bike took your sugar from 11.8 to 6.3? You cannot do that with medium intensity on a treadmill. The spin bike may well be better (certainly for you). You must have been doing medium to high intensity to achieve that. 

We now have a forum at www.cureddiabetes.com/forum

Feel free to put something up.

Well done indeed. Where was the sugar at the start of the 30 mins before it came down to 4.8?



P.S. If I could have a graph showing sugar before spin and sugar after spin for all the days you have been doing this that would be PERFECT!! I also need to know average bpm during the spin so that I can get a % VO2 max for the exercise. The effect of exercise is generally unknown in the medical community because no drugs company will fund clinical trails into exercise.

On Friday January 23 at 18:36, Mark Quade wrote:


You are correct, pre exercise mmol/L of 11.8 post of 6.8, last night my pre exercise mmol/L was 9.1 and it went down to 4.8. Incidentally my morning fast was a 6.8! I am happy I broke the 7.0 fasting mark which has always plague me, oh my two hour fasting breakfast was a 6.0.

My heart rate monitor (HRM) is acting wonky, it is a chest version polar F11 and I have to figure out how to set it for averaging, but I have a garmin gps one I think does that. Will advise as I get data. And yes I am testing before and after exercise sugar levels. I am thinking I am in the 90% of maximum heart rate. So I will collect pre mmol/L, post mmol/L and average bbm on a graph / sheet for you.

Will checkout the forum asap,


On Friday January 30 at 12:03, Mark Quade wrote:


As requested, data above the line has no max or average heart rate info.

Date Evening Spin Bike mins Average BPM % of Max BPM (169) Pre spin mmol/L Post spin mmol/L Difference Rate of decrease per min Morning Fasting Sugar mmol/L
January19 25     16.7 9.5 7.2 0.29 9.5
January20 30     11.8 6.3 5.5 0.18 8.8
January21 30     8.3 6.8 1.5 0.05 7.8
January22 30     9.1 4.8 4.3 0.14 6.8
January25 20 132 78% 8.0 5.2 2.8 0.14 6.2
January26 35 135 80% 9.2 4.3 4.9 0.14 na
January27 23 131 78% 6.2 4.6 1.6 0.07 6.0
January28 25 136 80% 7.6 4.1 3.5 0.14 6.0



On 16 February 2015 at 1:28 pm, Gordon wrote:

Hi Skinny Now!

I am fascinated by your reversal. I mean well done! You were a bit on the light side for a Newcastle reversal so I would not lose any more weight than you have already.

Can you give a more detailed chronology of the Jan to June period with daily or weekly exercise and carb grams and kcals?

I think you may have proven that total carb burn (high or medium intensity) is what matters, not so much the timing uring the day of that burn.

Were you low carb from the start of did you go low cal and then low carb later?

Did you go HIT from day one?

Certainly you have shown that exercise should be added to wieght loss and low carb and the HIT seems very effective.

Regards and thanks


On 16 February 2015 at 06:10, Joseph (Skinny Now) wrote:

Hi Gordon, 

Thanks for your reply. Low carb and HIT from day 1 !

I have included copies of my blood test results and summary graphs of my progress in the first 3 months.
As at today my fasting blood sugar is still below 5 and I weigh 68 kgs. ( I am only 5 foot 6 inches.) Aged 56 this year. Daily carb intake around 100 g.

Unfortunately I did not keep detailed records of my diet, but I am sure that total carb intake per day was less than 50-60 g.
As regards to exercise , I made sure that either I did 40 minutes of heavy weight training or 12-15 minutes of HIT every day on an alternate basis.

I understand your focus is on the relationship between carb intake , exercise and Diabetes . I agree that these factors are critical and played an important part in my reversal . ( especially maintaining and even improving muscle mass.)
Just one further factor. In Australia low carb beer ( less than 3 g per pint ) is easily available. I drink as much of this as I want. ( 4 – 6 pints a day... remember I am an Aussie !) I also seems to help blood sugar, Instead of reaching for another biscuit , I just grab another beer. ( please see book titled perfect drinking )
It labels milk as white poison and alcohol as adults milk. 

Thank you again for your inspirational work . You may use the information included here. However I would like to remain anonymous except for the use of my first name.

Regards Joseph. 

Low Carb
4 days of 12-15 min HIT per week
3 days  of 40 minute weight lifting sessions per week
5:2 Intermittent fasting diet.
Plenty of Low Carb Australian Beer!

Date Fasting Sugar mmol/L Weight Kg Blood Pressure mm hg
Week1 7.5 82 133 
Week2 6.6 80 123
Week3 6.6 79 122
Week4 6.5 78 122
Week5 5.6 76 131 (sick - no HIT)
Week6 5.3 75 123
Week7 4.9 74 120
Week8 4.7 73.5 120
Week9 4.5 73 119

WOW! - Gordon. Joe only had mild diabetes. But he killed it completely with HIT, Low Carb and 5:2 fasting and Australian low carb beer in 9 weeks! (I have seen copies of his lab results). He used a low carb HIT newcastle reversal. Or putting it another way, he used a carb zero newcastle reversal. Very effective if you begin by being at least 20% overweight.


On 20 November 2014 at 21:41, Dr Ron Murray wrote:

I found your article quite profound. My name is Dr. Ron Murray I currently hold degrees in physical therapy, traditional Naturopathy, as well as a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. Over the last 10 years I have been studying extensively Stem cell research, Epigentics as well as peptides all in relationship to Diabetes. In addition, I have actually met Dr. Yong of stem cell educator fame who actually holds the cure to type 1& type 2 diabetes and possibly all auto-Immune disorders. 

My reason for contacting you is that I am in my fourth week of the Newcastle protocol however utilizing both an organic green mixture as well as Thorne's Metabolic powder I'm also utilizing 
Products to improve methalation.

I have several question that I would like to discuss with you that would simply take a long time through this medium. If you could call me at 202-368-3933, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Dr. Ron Murray

On 21 November 2014 at 22:16, Gordon wrote:

Hi Ron,

I experienced the same difficulties as you about half way through the Newcastle protocol. I found that I was getting worse. In my case I put it down to losing too much weight which meant I was losing muscle.

In your case I think you are losing muscle as well. I would suggest keeping the carbs low at 50 grams per day, doing 45 minutes every evening preferably after dinner at the health club at 3.1-3.7 mph. Stretching yourself but not stressing yourself and ramping up in the first 10 minutes.

But also eating a few more calories. Sure you want to get your BMI down from 28 to 25. But there is no need to go hell for leather on that. Go hell for leather on getting your sugar down with 50 carb grams and walking instead. Keep those muscles. They are easy to lose and very hard to regain!!!!

Try a week on 45 minutes before bed and see what that does to your sugar on 50 carb grams per day. If it fixes it then you are fortunate and you can be out of this within the next 3 to 4 months.

If not then you will need to do 45 minutes at work (after lunch) and 45 minutes before bed. That is actually what I now do. I used to have to do much more. I think you will need around 18 months of that to get your insulin resistance normalized.

Start with around 4 grams of EPA/DHA from Fish based Omega3.

When your sugar normalizes the neuralgia in your feet will 90% evaporate.

The other thing you should try sooner rather than later is this. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had done this on day one.

Go to the gym with your sugar meter. Do 45 minutes and measure you sugar. If it is above 90 then do another 30 minutes and measure again. Keep going at 50% VO2 max (just having to breath through the mouth, not getting stressed but walking briskly) until you get to 90 mg/dl. This will take between 1 hour and 2 hours in my experience. Once you have won this battle once, your feet will feel amazing and you will know how to beat hyperglycemia.

All the best

Please let me know how it all goes. We hope to do some clinical trials soon.

From: Dr. Ronald Murray
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 2:43 PM

Subject: From the Triumvirate to the Ominous Octet: A New Paradigm for the 
Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Thanks for the wonderful e-mail it was much appreciated. Below you will find the link of the new algorithm of medications that actually stimulate regeneration of beta-cells, 
and strongly influence all the organs that influence the type 2 diabetes. Again my view was to use these meds for a short period of time in order to jump start the mechanism that we have spoken about. However, I do see the value of resolving the hyperglycemia first with daily carbs at 50 grams/ per day and exercise at the equivalent of the glycogen storage. Your program along with the the essential fatty acids should squelch the inflammatory response to allow these medications to be unencumbered to jump start and help in the normalization of our condition.

Please let me know your thoughts on this article in terms of a stage (jump starting our system) in our therapy for complete resolution of this dreadful disorder.



On 23 November 2014 at 01:44, Gordon wrote:

I think that SGLT2 inhibitors might also be worth a shot. They do not appear to have many bad side effects. However they might cause kidney damage.


From: Dr. Ronald Murray
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2014 11:53 AM

Subject: The Fate of Beta-Cells in Type 2 Diabetes and the Possible Role of 
Pharmacological Interventions

TZD are out of the possibilities after reading this literature- So at this point the incretins are the only possibility to use adjunctive to your current program.
Best Regards,


On 23 November 2014 at 14:06, Gordon wrote:

Hi Ron,

Yes, and the article says: Of note, recent studies have shown that tight glycemic control can restore the beta-cells' insulin secretory response to GIP. So the best way to look after beta cells is to fix the blood sugar. SGLT2s might help a bit I still think.

Have you done the big walk down to 90 mg/dl yet?


From: Dr. Ronald Murray
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2014 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: The Fate of Beta-Cells in Type 2 Diabetes and the Possible Role 
of Pharmacological Interventions


The answer is yes and no in terms of the big walk. Since Friday my BS has not been over 105 ... Even fasting glucose levels have been at 105. I have strongly stuck to 50grams carb/day and Extended my walks with Winston ( English Bull Dog) dragging him along the way mouth breathing as I go. Saw a 10 pt decline in BS but was already under 100.

As an Olympic Style Weight Lifter (Snatch & Clean & Jerk ) I have forced myself to Power Clns and Bench press and others..So no change directly after in BS but can't help but think that the training had a significant influence on FBS the Following morning.

to a new beginning,


On 23 November 2014 at 18:11, Gordon wrote:

Well done!

I do not do much HIIT. I have found as you have that it has no immediate effect. But I am sure it helps the next day and possibly in the longer term by building up your glycogen storage battery. It must be the case that 10% gaining more muscle mass is a useful as losing 10% of body weight.

So the quickest fix might be to do enough medium intensity work to end hyperglycemia and then do enough high intensity work to build and fix muscles to end insulin resistance. I have thought this for a while but have never done much HIIT. I think stomach muscles are important in diabetes. I do not do enough with them.

You are in prime position to assess the effect of HIIT in addition to the long walks and the low carb.

I need recommendations in the HIIT department. I do some pull ups and hanging around on a pull up bar mainly to help by back and my knees which are always in compression.

From the sound of it you now know how to conquer hyperglycemia. Winston has saved you!

Also you have demonstrated something really important. Namely that the Newcastle Reversal ideas are naive. It is not low calorie that fixes you it is low carb. And better still zero carb which can only come about through added exercise.


From: Dr. Ronald Murray
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 2:52 AM
Subject: Hope your well


Just wanted to let you that I'm in week five of the modified diet...today my glucose measurements have not reached 100. Which may be the first time in years that this has happened! I reduced the basal rate to .95/hr, Look forward to joining gym on Friday in order to get that cardio in. Because of the amount of time I have been dealing with this insidious disease (6 years) I have extended the diet plan with your modifications to 12 weeks. After which I will look at the paleo diet.

Regards ,

On 25 November 2014 at 03:10, Gordon wrote:


No drugs are necessary and the Newcastle diet had you at between 150 and 200 mg/dl on November 21 in week4. Have you upped the calories a bit as I advised? Be careful not to lose any muscle.

Your results are amazing. I first spoke to you on the 21st and now on the 24th US time, 3 days later, you have completely reversed your hyperglycemia. 

I am going to write you up on the site if that is OK with you. Can you let me know precisely what changes you made to the Newcastle regime so that I can be accurate?

Is this the 3 day reversal program we have got here?


On 25 November at 03:25 Dr. Ron Murray wrote:

Wishful thinking ... major two changes no more then 50 grams of carbs...Fast walking with Winston. Lifting weights that's it. Due to the fact that I still have some belly fat and love handles I am really afraid to increase calories until these disappear. Also really need to do the cardio work that you have done. 

Thanks for your encouragement! 


From: Dr. Ronald Murray
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 8:59 PM

Subject: Interesting phenomena

Gordon ,
Again I hope this e-mail finds you well on the eve of thanksgiving.

I have an interesting question to ask you. Yesterday I was at my Georgetown office in Washington DC and before leaving I took my blood glucose levels which were 87. I then briskly walk five city blocks to the metro station. Got on the train and a half hour later was at my stop got off the train and briskly walk to my car which is another two blocks. Once inside my car I rechecked my blood glucose it was 47. I had no signs or symptoms from this low glucose at that time I did however stop at a convenience store on the way home and got some beef jerky which was close to zero carbohydrates and very little sugar if any. In addition I purchased a antioxidant drink that had zero carbohydrates but could not see how much sugar was in the drink. So I ate the beef jerky on the way and took two small sips of the drink obviously the drink was spiked with either sugar or some artificial sweetener. Once I arrived at home I immediately checked my blood sugar it was 147(wow). Normally under the circumstances I would've taken a bolus insulin in order to bring it back to 120 or under. However, instead I grabbed Winston and went for a very brisk walk which is probably the links of two city blocks in one-way. After returning home I rechecked my blood sugar it was at 97. (No additional Insulin added)

It appears to me that my capacity to burn free fatty acids and glucose has increased significantly and that the response has improved I wanted to get your feedback on this

Thank you

On 25 November 2014 at 03:10, Gordon wrote:

Hi Ron,

Yes I am doing very well. It is a fascinating thing this disconnect between pharmacological medicine and the best way to treat Diabetes which is: Get your lifestyle together.

You are seeing wild swings in blood sugar I think because you are putting you body in positions for which it has absolutely no experience so its regulatory mechanism are a bit behind the curve.

You are on a 600 kcal per day Newcastle diet and only taking 50 crab grams per AND doing a significant amount of medium intensity exercise so as to burn off your entire 50 gram carb consumption AND doing some high intensity stuff to fix your insulin resistance in the longer term by building better and slightly larger skeletal muscles.

I personally think that it is an intervention too far. You need more calories. It is my belief/feeling that fast weight loss is not good for type2. Sure weight loss is good and if you were very obese with a BMI of 33 then getting weight down by 15% to a BMI of 28 would do more good than the harm of doing it in such a short time (8 weeks).

Your body had literally nothing to call on for the walk to the station. So it called on nothing (which is good for a diabetic actually).

Then it thought oh my God we are at 47. Better eat some of his muscle to make some sugar quick. It did that on the train and panicked a bit and overshot back to 147 after the high protein meal. This is positive feedback because you have no buffer, because you are eating too few calories.

Had you been eating 200 more calories per day you would have only gone down to 67 perhaps and shot up to 127 which is normal (more or less).

Beware also of gluconeogenesis. There is not enough research on which proteins cause it and which proteins do not. Certainly very lean meats such as turkey, prawns, and chicken breast do cause it. I eat thighs and legs from chickens more than the breast. I do not eat turkey except at Christmas in the UK. The rule seems to be - include enough fat with the lean meat to 
prevent the body having to turn that protein into sugar and include as much fibre as possible with it (raw vegetable smoothies are great in this regard). I have just got a nutribullet for making smoothies. Gonna try it out tonight hopefully.

What interests me a lot about you is your capability to do high intensity. I have felt for a long time and experienced to some extend that low intensity achieves nothing. Medium intensity fixes fasting sugar and high intensity fixes HbA1c.

Putting this another way: Medium intensity fixes blood sugar (and after 1/2/3 months it will therefore also fix your HbA1c) whereas high intensity does not fix spot blood sugar but does I think reduce insulin resistance more permanently.

Putting this yet another way, medium intensity fixes today and high intensity fixes tomorrow.

Putting this another way, medium intensity reduces short term insulin resistance and high intensity reduces long term insulin resistance (but not short term).

The obvious solution here is to do both. The American Diabetic Association do understand that. But they recommend far too little of either to fix type2 and compound their mistake by recommend eating way too many carbs.

So rather than drug assisted brisk walking we are now looking at HIIT assisted brisk walking, In other words this is a FULL LIFESTYLE FIX.

I think between you and me we can comprehensively nail this. Then we have to get some trials going.

Regards and happy thanksgiving


Please do not lose any muscle. That is what happened to you today to spike your sugar from 47 to 147..

You could try some L Glutamine. But I worry about gluconeogenesis with that.


From: Kabir Singh 
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 5:03 AM
Subject: Regarding help in diabetes

Hi Gordon,

I read your blog, thanks a lot for detailed information. I have been diagnosed recently with type-2 diabetes, and your blog has given me a lot of hope. Sorry for eating into your time, but your advice can help me a lot in long run. I am mentioning my details,

age - 26 years
height - 170 cm (5ft 7inches)
weight - 61 kg (135 pounds)
My Hb1ac was 170 (before fasting) and 160 after. 

After comprehensive checkup it was found that my cholesterol and triglycerides are normal.

I am based out of India. I am vegetarian, even egg is excluded from my diet. I have started exercising as mentioned in your blog. But it is difficult for me to find a vegetarian diet that meets the criteria you mentioned in your blog. Is there a possible veg diet, or do I have to start eating eggs and meat.

Thanks & Regards,

On 15 October 2014 17:15, Gordon wrote:

Hi Kabir,

That is a good question. I do not think it is possible to get enough protein from a strict vegetarian diet if you exclude beans and peas and lentils etc due to their high carb content. 

Some beans are not too bad (Haricot beans). 

But I would say eat eggs and eat cheese and a small amount of lamb. In the West the ratio of meat to vegetables is all wrong. In WW2 we ate more veggies and less meat and were more healthy. But with Type2 everything is subordinate to the poisoning effect of Carbs. A diabetic friend of mine who just could not resist eating cake is now on dialysis and has had 4 of her toes cut off and is in hospital the whole time (where she eats cake - doh).

Avocados and nuts are great. 

Walking slowly is not much use. Brisk walking is required. Hence a treadmill is the best solution. You sugar is not too bad. you may find that 45 minutes per day is enough. But you MUST get your sugar down to 100 mg/dl not 170 and not 160. The interesting thing for me is that everyone needs a different amount of walking to get there. You may need 45 minutes per day you may need 90 minutes per day. You will not need 135 because your fasting sugar upon diagnosis was not too bad. Your body has lost the battle with carbs but has not been completely overrun. Mine was 414 mg/dl. 

I would guess from your figures that one 45 minute walk or possibly one 60 minute walk will do it - Every day, on a treadmill at a speed which forces you to breathe through your mouth, not your nose. This is not stroll, it is an aerobic walk. 



On 16 October 2014 at 11:03, Kabir Singh wrote:

Thanks Gordon,

I am really concerned about it, and have started the exercise part you mentioned in your website. now i am working on diet.

Thanks a lot, you have been a great help. 

On 3 December at 03:40, Kabir Singh wrote:

Dear Gordon,

I am on 120 gm carb diet (which sometime goes up to 150, because of vegetarian constraint), but my results are good without any medicine, all thanks to you. I have been monitoring blood sugar for past 15 days and the fasting blood sugar level ranges from 78 to 96. Postprandial results lie somewhere between 93-108. I am using accu-check glucometer for monitoring blood sugar.

My routine - I walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20-30 minutes. I do strength training and Yoga 2-3 times a week. I have increased the amount of fiber intake. I have also included 2 eggs per day in my diet, should I avoid taking egg yolk.

Thanks a lot, it comes as a great relief for me.

On 3 December at 17:11, Gordon wrote:

Dear Kabir,

That is very good news. Try some Omega3 eggs. These are eggs where the farmer feeds the chickens with Omega3. This makes the entire egg taste better and better for your heart.

150 carb grams is a lot. I would try to keep it under 120 for the next few months. But your sugar figures are very good. Your body has responded really well. I think the strength training is helping considerably. Just use your body as it was designed to be used. Hours of walking and the occasional heavy exertion.




Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2014 6:36 PM by Yvonne
Hi Gordon,

I have read your website and looks like I have a similar experience to you. I was 12% Hba1c when diagnosed in May plus 18.8 fasting glucose. I quickly through a low carb diet and lots of exercise reduced it to 5.8% by August. Like you I was experiencing neuralgia, numbness and tingling in the feet. They were very bad at the beginning but have improved a lot. However I still get some numbness/tingling if my number goes over 7 when I eat or on the odd occasion I eat a small amount of carb. It worries me every time it reappears.

Do you consider this irreversible, or will it go eventually if I get my Hba1c to 5% or less and a totally normal BMI (I am around 27 BMI)? I have no other symptoms but this is the one that terrifies me as I am sure it did you,

Many Regards,

On Sunday, 9 November 2014, 19:33, Gordon wrote:
Hi Yvonne,

WOW! Your symptoms are precisely the same as mine. Well done for fixing it without any drugs. 5.8% is slightly high for HbA1c. You need to get it down to 5.5% or below to reduce your neuralgia further. 

It amazes me how similar human bodies are. We are all just different variations of the same basic machine.

If you follow the same course as me then the neuralgia will continue to improve if you keep at the exercise and the diet. Residual neuralgia is reversible but it is also extremely useful. I do not like pricking myself much. I rely on my body to tell me where my sugar is by the neuralgia in my feet.

Like you my feet (in particular one of my toes) used to freeze up at 7.0 mmol/L. Now it starts freezing at 5.5 mmol/L. So fixing your neuralgia leads you into a fix for your diabetes. As your diabetes improves the neuralgia seems to becomes more and more sensitive as an indicator (or perhaps I just require less and less paralysis from it). So if you rely on your feet then you will become more and more aggressive with your sugar. 

If you have not got a treadmill yet then get one. Be aware that medium intensity exercise is what is required, not low and not high. You should be just having to breath through your mouth. Its no good if you can easily breathe through you nose - that burns mainly fat. And its no good if you are breathing heavily - that produces adrenaline - which increases your blood sugar. The idea is to stretch yourself without stressing yourself. In scientific terms you should be at 50% VO2 max (half of your max breathing rate). At this rate of medium intensity exercise you will burn 50% carb and 50% fat. Carb is burnt aerobically, and fat is burnt anaerobically.

A treadmill enables you to get the intensity of exercise dead right. You can therefore do less of it for the same result. 

I think that alpha Lipoic acid eliminates diabetic neuralgia but I will not take it because I use my neuralgia to cure my disease. I am a keyboard player and I remember the day when I started feeling a numbness in my fingers. I absolutely was not going to have that. So I walked and walked and walked until it went away. 

You just have a little more work to do. My advice is this...

1. Keep to the low low carb and high fat diet.
2. Make sure the exercise is at 50% VO2 max.
3. Take 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 for a month to ensure that your levels are at the top end of the healthy range. D3 helps in dealing with glucose spikes.
4. Take a lot of Omega3. A low low carb diet is a high fat diet. You will be eating around 50 grams more Omega6 (vegetable fat) and Omega9 (animal fat) than a normal person. So to balance this, you should be taking around 5 grams of fish based Omega3. That is around 10x the recommended dose. Because the Omega3 to Omega6 balance for example should be about 1:3. The lower the carbs the higher the Omega3. You are essentially becoming an Eskimo. Omega3 is anti inflammatory like green tea and garlic and turmeric. It reduces insulin resistance which slowly reduces the amount of exercise you need to do to fix your sugar.

Please please, email me the entire history of your battle and I will put it up on the site. I need more examples to help me get funding for the upcoming clinical trials. And let me know how you get on going forward.

It is a pleasure to hear another story confirming that my experience was not unique to me.


Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2014 21:16 PM by Yvonne

Thank you for replying. I am determined to improve further, recently I have been having more readings in the 4's so I am pushing to be there most of the time. And yes its the numb toes and feet that drive me, I am petrified of the whole gangrene/amputation route. From being an obese person who was becoming pretty lazy that certainly spurred me into action. Even 5 months down the line as much as I would love to wolf down some carbs its my feet that propel me forward. I am hoping my Hba1c will be further down beginning of December. I will keep in mind what you say about medium intensity because sometimes I go high intensity, spinning classes, fast jogging and I notice my sugar goes up. I was taking alpha lipoic acid up until recently. I would say my toes and feet are a lot better but like yours still flare up. Its strange because I haven't really read anything like this apart from your experience but great to know I am not the only one.

Well my story: I have had diabetic symptoms for approx 3 years when I was living on and off in the middle east. It started with one numb toe here and there, blurred vision, infections, thrush, itching, thirst, constant running to the loo. Believe it or not I put it to the back of my mind due to these reasons, I had several medical tests going to Saudi and Doha so I thought they would have picked it up, also my mum was pre-diabetic for years and had never progressed (this has since turned out to be wrong and her blood tests were raised so they are giving her a glucose tolerance test). So I was in full denial but the symptoms were getting worse all the time! About mid 2012 I had put on a lot of weight most round my belly and I was 17 stone and I started to think I must be at least pre-diabetic so I started to slowly lose weight. It took me almost 2 years to half heartedly lose 2 stone to 15 stone. However my eyes were worse, my feet numb even on the sole, constant thrush. My brother had fallen into a diabetic coma and was diagnosed Type 2 around that time too. I think thats when I woke up.

So finally May 2014 I went to the Doctor. I remember they called me in for the results and I was guessing I would be around 7-8 fasting. When she told me I was 18.8 fasting, 12% Hba1c and my Tri's were sky high, I nearly died. I had never heard of numbers like that...never!!! I really thought that was the end and the way the Doc spoke it sounded like it. She said I would go on metformin only if my kidneys were not damaged, if not another drug. Then best news of all I would be on insulin in 2 years since its progressive (I didn't even mention my feet because I dreaded what she would say). She said they were the worst numbers she had ever seen and I was pretty young at 49. I'm sure you know how it feels, I felt helpless like my life was going to be one big mess of pain and disability until my early death. And although there is definately a lot in my family I blamed myself for getting fat and lazy.

Anyway I told the Doctor I wanted to start with diet and exercise first before the drugs (I really hate the idea of drugs especially if you can do it without). She dismissed me out of hand and said it couldn't be done and just wouldn't listen. So she prescribed metformin after my kidney test was ok. However, I told the nurse and dietician I wasn't going to take it until I tried diet and exercise and they at least listened but said it would be almost impossible to get less than 8 Hba1c in the 3 months or so. The more they told me I was too high to do it the more determined I became. At that stage i didn't really know what I would do I just knew it had to be pretty drastic because of my high numbers.

Anyway I spent the first week or so eating not much at all, some guacomole and salad and eggs. I walked alot but best of all I read everything I could about reversal on the internet and in books. Blood sugar 101, death to diabetes, Diet Doctor, Dr Bernstein, Dr Fuhrman, Patrick Holford, your site, diabetic forums, youtube videos and lectures, Dr Mercola, newcastle diet....everything! Then I decided I had to go low carb, at first I was on 30g like Dr bernstein, now I am 50g. I exercised 3 times a day at least an hour each session. Cycling, gym, treadmill, weights, stepping, walking. I went from 15 stone to 12 and a half in 3 months. All my symptoms disappeared in a week or so except the persistent toes although they improved a lot. I test my blood sugar sometimes a bit obsessively but I could see it dropping down.
So at the end of August I had my 3 month check up. My Hba1c was 5.8%, my cholesterol had improved from 5.9 to 5.5 even with a higher fat intake!!! I was totally amazed myself, unfortunately our surgery has new Doctors all the time so I didn't have the pleasure of going to the one who told me I couldn't do it! Pity I was looking forward to that!

So that is it I have continued with the exercise, I have lost a further 10 pounds. But as you say there is more work to be done, I don't want to just manage it I want to reverse it right back (cure it as much as poss). So I need to get a stone off to get to 25 BMI and lower still. I want an Hba1c of 4.8- 5% and most of all I NEVER WANT TO FEEL THE NEURALGIA which only reminds me of the possibility of gangrene and amputation, my worst fear. I am getting more blood sugar readings in the mid to late 4's especially after jogging, but its not consistent at that level yet. That is what I will keep working towards.

Thank you very much for the advice I will try it all and I have read your site over and over. It and all the other info and books I found was the only thing that stopped me descending into panic attacks at diagnosis and kept me focused on trying to reverse this,

Many Regards,


Aad Bruijnzeel 26 February 2014.

Dear Mister Ritchie,

This winter I have myself cured from diabetes type 2, after years of suffering. Your website has helped me very much during this process. I thank you for all the information and links you provided.

My profile:
I am a man, now 58 years old.
Diabetes type 2 was discovered by the end of 2009 bud the sides effects indicate I must been diabetes at least two years earlier.
Medication for years:
- 850 mg Metformine 2 times a day
- 4 mg Glimepirine 1 time a day
- 40 mg Simvastatine 1 time a day

Weight: 95 kg until may 2012(, 77,5 kg today.) Length: 1,83 cm.

Side effects:
- Neuralgia in the feet,
- Erectile dysfunction,
- Blurred vision and some retina damage (had a laser treatment last summer)

From 2009 I did like to sport (biking), but it gave me no results on diabetes. In September 2013, I started with running. Every time, when I ran more then 45 minutes, I got a hypo. At first, I took extra sugar to compensate that. It felt rare, to take extra sugar, so I started to take less medication. In December 2013 I had normal BG with only 500 mg Metformine a day. Running was the cure! On 15 December 2013 I did stop all medication and started with fasting for two days but I did still run. After a 500 cal./day diet for 3 weeks, I stated with a low carb diet (2000 - 2600 cal/day. Less than 30% carb. Most carbs from fruits)

I am still now on a low carb diet and still running. All my blood and urine levels are proven normal in the first week of February. (I did not take any medication after 14 December 2013.) Neuralgia has now reversed (from 10% tot 80% or maybe 90%), Erectile
dysfunction is gone and my vision improved to 100%.

I am now training for the Alp d'Huzes event on june 5th 2014. see http://www.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl The target is to climb Alp d'huez six times. you can find my pages at http://deelnemers.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl/acties/aadbruijnzeel/aad-bruijnzeel/ 

I feel alive and kicking!

Thank you again!

Yours sincerely,

Aad Bruijnzeel


Vikas Singh, 23 February 2015


First of all I am very much thankful to you for posting your site in Internet not only it help me to reverse my diabetes but also millions of people will get benifitted. I have done exactly same thing in just 30 days.

Myself Vikas Singh Thakur, Age 39 year, India, Weight 74 Kg, Height 173 CM

I tell you my story.

I diagnosed my diabetes very late on 15th Jan 2015 when i feel very tired not even position to walk 100 meter. I went to doctor with my blood report as follows Bg fasting 200 after meal 265
HbA1c 10.4% Doctor tell me to take Insulin I refused then he given 3 tablet daily.

Then I read your article & i challenge to fight against diabetes I am also national player in Table Tennis during school I left alcohol I also tested Vitamin D3 which was 12 only, TG 229 & Cholestrol 224

Then I started strictly following your article but more vigorous 1 Hour Brisk Walking every day in hard sunlight after meal, 1 hour intensive in GYM along with my 3 tablet. then just after 10 days again I measured my HbA1c it come down to 8.7% I also took Vitamin D3 Sachet weekly 60000 IU along with 10 Mg cholestrol tablet with 1000 IU vitamun D, also I take daily Vitamin c & Vitamin B tablet. I was surprised with result reducing 1.4% in just 10 days.

Then my internal calculation to further decrease my HbA1c to 5.3% in next 20 days. I continuous my working finally after 30 days i.e. on 15th Feb I again Tested as follows HbA1c 5.1% BG 96 fasting & 103 after meal TG 83 & Cholestrol 113 Then my doctor reduce my tablet from 3 daily to 1 & he said Diabetes is not like malaria/ typhoid which can cure you have to take tablet regularly.

Kindly advise whether I continue my tablet or not

Gordon, March 2, 2015

To get a reduction in HbA1c from 10.4% to 5.1% in 30 days is theoretically almost impossible. But you were really badly Vitamin D deficient and that is a big factor causing diabetes. Without Vitamin D one cannot regulate between meals. Have you got some supporting paperwork for your blood tests you could let me have a scan of? In any event - Very well done! One hour of medium intensity and one hour of high intensity exercise per day will certainly fix type 2. I am so glad I was able to help you. As I said in my previous email - you can stop taking diabetic medication altogether on those figures. But continue with the Vitamin D and Vitamin C. Do not take a high doses of vitamin B6 (in the pyridoxine or the P5P forms) it causes neuralgia.